Sunday, May 20, 2012

Video Response to Lighthouse Baptist Church (Newark, DE) - Part I - Introduction

Given the power of images and sound on the Internet, I've begun making video responses to Lighthouse Baptist Church in Newark, DE. Obviously, this is a modest first stab at making video responses, and I hope to increase production value over time. But, the heart of the videos is the message, which attempts to establish frank, open, and most importantly, charitable dialogue with my fellow Christians who worship God within this local Baptist congregation.

 I should add that I greatly respect the evangelistic mission that members of this congregation (including Tobe Witmer, their pastor) exhibit. Witmer recently created a short DVD presenting his Baptist understanding of the Gospel (granted, he would likely disagree with this characterization, but we'll move on for now...), and he plans to distribute 4,000 copies of this DVD around the Newark (DE) area this summer. In fact, a copy arrived on my own doorstep just today!

So, I better get moving in composing a Catholic Christian response to this particular Gospel message (not all of which, incidentally, is incorrect. As a Catholic, I offer a hearty "Amen!" to every Bible verse read, as well as many of the interpretations of these verses offered by Witmer.)

But I get ahead of myself. 

Here is my introductory video response to Lighthouse Baptist Church. Through this video, may Baptists at LBC know that they are loved, prayed for, and welcomed by local Catholics, and that we stand ready to dialogue about our commonalities and differences as we pursue Christ, ever keeping in mind HIS prayer that "we may be one" (John 17).