Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bible Quiz

Which statements (below) are biblical expressions?

In a month or so, I'll discuss each statement from a Biblical, Catholic perspective. Until then, feel free to answer "yes" or "no" (and provide a short defense, if you like) in the combox.

1. The Bible is the pillar and bulwark (defender) of the truth.
2. I rejoice in my suffering because it makes up what is lacking in Christ’s suffering.
3. The Holy Spirit leads individuals to the correct interpretation of the Bible. Therefore, we are encouraged to privately interpret the Bible on our own.
4. The communion bread and wine are the same flesh of Christ that hung on the cross.
5. Baptism does not save you.
6. In the two thousand years since Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has continually revealed new doctrinal and moral truths from the Bible to Christians.
7. The Bible comes before the church, so the church is built on the Bible.
8. We are justified by faith alone.
9. Church leaders have the authority to forgive and retain sins.
10. When we die, we may suffer a fiery pain of cleansing, though we ourselves may be saved.

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