Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today's Finds

While taking a break from an exhausting amount of school work, I discovered two more interesting links:

1. The first link is to Taylor Marshall's blog, where he asks Does N.T. Wright's theology lead to Catholicism? Contained within this post is a link to the Council of Trent's sixth session, in which the decree on Justification was promulgated. Any one who has ever been told anything about what the Catholic Church teaches about justification ought to read this document (and who hasn't been told something?) According to Catholic convert T. Marshall, most Protestants have been "hoodwinked" about what the Catholic Church really teaches.

2. The second post involves a new report on the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. This image appeared on the tilma of St. Juan Diego almost five centuries ago, and it remains enshrined and miraculously preserved in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadeloupe to this day. The entire story of our Lady's appearance to Juan Diego can be read here. Our Lady is a powerful advocate before the throne of Christ for the unborn, and it is due to her miraculous intervention that over 6 million Aztecs converted to Catholicism, and in doing so, left behind the bloodbath of child sacrifice. How we need her intercession today! Our Lady of Guadeloupe, pray for us!

Interestingly, six million Aztecs were converting to Catholicism in Central America at the same time that six million Catholics were leaving the Catholic Church in Europe. It has been said that God writes history the way we write novels. What timing!

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