Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Convert added to Conversion Stories

I recently discovered a blog called Conversion Diary, by Jennifer Fulwiler.  Jennifer was an atheist/ feminist before she converted to the Catholic Church in 2007.  (Of course, orthodox Catholics are the true feminists in so far as we model our spiritual lives on that of our blessed mother, Mary.)  In this post, she offers a short version of her conversion story, a longer version of which she has been asked to publish in book form.

The striking thing about her conversion story is how unlikely the actual conversion was.  After all, the first thing that Jennifer found when she began her honest exploration of Christianity is layer upon layer of doctrinal confusion.   One wonders if for every Jennifer who persists in finding solid answers to her dilemma (whom should I believe?), dozens more are scandalized and never give us divided Christians a second thought.  Only in heaven will we fully understand the spiritual damage wrought by the sins (of both Catholics and Protestants) that have caused a divided Christianity to fundamentally disfigure the Gospel message.  While the Catholic Church put an end very quickly to the sins that provided the cause for the "reformation," how will God save us from the resulting denominations that reject any final authority other than the Bible?  (I do think--no, I know--unity is possible...but the question of how must be grappled with by every Christian.  I think there is only one workable answer to this question, and it can easily be found by looking at the Church in historical terms.)

I would also recommend this post (along with the comments below it) from her pre-conversion blog titled The Reluctant Atheist.  The blog contains illuminating insights into how Christianity and its (occasionally lackluster) practice appears to outsiders.

I HIGHLY recommend these posts as well, though, truth be told, every post of hers that I've read deserves to be on this list:
On Having Proof
How to Find God in 5 Steps
Of Prank Calls and Humility (This is truly a great story!)

Welcome home, Jennifer!  It is a real joy to see God working in your life.

A permalink to Jennifer's story can now be found under the Conversion Stories tab in the right column of this blog.

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