Friday, February 5, 2010

Natural Family Planning...on your iPhone

This is the best iPhone app I've seen yet!

Natural Family Planning, referred to by many Christians simply as NFP, is a beautiful gift that allows Christians to follow the Biblical, historical, orthodox prohibition against artificial contraception, and indeed the whole contraceptive mentality that has so poisoned modern culture.

The story in the article is not an unusual one.  Many couples facing infertility have used NFP to conceive, just as many other couples have used NFP to space children while respecting the nature of the marriage act that God created.

Until 1930, every Christian denomination taught in one accord the Biblical prohibition against artificial contraception.  As we work to reestablish full Christian unity, it goes without saying that many Christians will have to adjust their understanding of the Christian moral code.  Giving up birth control may not be an easy pill for some to swallow.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit remains at work drawing God's children to see the wisdom of His plan for human sexuality.

Here are four great examples, the first two written by Protestant Christians:

1.  Open Embrace (by Sam and Bethany Torode)

2.  The Bible and Birth Control (by Charles Provan)  (See also the customer comments)

3.  Sex and the Marriage Covenant (by John Kippley)

4.  Humanae Vitae (by Pope Paul VI)

Also, check out this link to the Couple to Couple League, which offers support to NFP couples and trains NFP teachers:

5.  The Couple to Couple League

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NDmomma said...

Torodes have rejected NFP and since divorced.