Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Genesis of Paul's theology

On my way in to work today (and yes, this would be the same work that is keeping me too busy to post lately), I was listening to a podcast by Taylor Marshall, author of the website Paul is Catholic.

He makes a great observation that I thought I'd plant in the minds of my readers:

Every aspect of Paul's theology unfolds in the very first revelation that Jesus Christ made to Paul: "Why do you persecute me?"

From this, we get the mystical union of Christ and His Church, we get the idea of salvation as a participation in the Body of Christ (and with it, the life, suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ.)  And on and on it goes.  The Eucharist.  Marriage and Family.  The Church.  The Sacraments.

It is really quite wonderful to think of the entirety of Paul's theology as unfolding from this word of Christ to him.

Taylor Marshall is a convert to Catholicism and former Anglican priest.

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