Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Catholic Convert: Leah Libresco

Join me in welcoming (and praying for) Leah Libresco, who recently announced that she was converting to the Catholic Church from an atheist background.

Two things I love about the interview below:
1.  The truth of the Church's moral teachings attracted her.  Too often, Catholics fail to share how wonderfully good the Church's moral teaching are; we wince to mention contraception and skirt away from that and other topics that might offend our listeners.  Yet, the Church's moral teachings are beautiful and just as true as each of her doctrines...and just as attractive!

2. Even though Leah focused on the coherency of the Church's moral position, she describes the best thing about being Catholic as...the Eucharist.  Being able to believe and receive Jesus in the Eucharist is the best thing that could ever be for anyone, anywhere, anytime.   Leah gets it!


Jason Griffin said...

Atheists often use logic to promote their views that God does not exist. Ironically, it was logic that let Libresco to belief. More on my blog at

Ready said...

Hi Jason,
Thanks for your comment! I agree that logic and reason led Leah to belief, though I'm also wary of Chesterton's assertion that those who go mad have only reason left. Logicians go mad, not poets!

I think that logic paves the way, but that there also exists an internal decision that we each have to make for or against God. This decision can be small, such as the decision to be willing to embrace God, or big, such as the decision to actually give one's life totally to Him.

In Leah's case, it seems like she knew in her heart that some things were intrinsically right and wrong, and so she allowed herself to be drawn down this path paved by good logic to the conclusion that not only must God exist from whom all goodness and righteousness flows, but also that this God has written a moral law in our hearts with some specificity. I couldn't be happier that Leah found her way directly into the Catholic Church, whose moral teachings are indeed beautiful and attractive.

In Christ,