Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Not For Itching Ears" ponders Early Church Traditions

'Just stumbled on a new blog today, written by an Evangelical Protestant with an unquenchable interest in the early church.  I found this post, the article it cites, and the discussion that follows to be particularly interesting, especially in light of my dialogue with local Baptist pastors recounted on this blog.

While some pastors (not to mention average congregants!) have a difficult time recognizing the role of tradition in their interpretation of Scripture, Jim (author of "Not for Itching Ears") clearly recognizes that "our tradition interprets the Word in such a way that it makes the Word teach our tradition" (comment taken from the combox).

So, make your way over to "Not for Itching Ears," and check out Jim's post "A Compelling Case AGAINST Sola Scriptura? (Scripture Alone) Part 1."


Restless Pilgrim said...

I frequent that blog a lot. He's a friendly chap :)

Ready said...

Hi David,

I was happy to see your screen name pop up in Jim's combox!

Any other non-Catholic blogs that you recommend I check out? I'm particularly interested in non-Catholics who are taking a serious look at the early church, or perhaps those who demonstrate an inclination to thinking like a Catholic (a dangerous inclination indeed:).

God bless,